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For accurate data in your Salesforce CRM.

With REEDR you can import documents directly into Salesforce. Simply upload the files and the relevant information is extracted from the document and automatically transferred to your Salesforce CRM. This gives you more time to focus on the important tasks.


Fully automated
data transfer

Manual data entry is time consuming. With REEDR, data is automatically recognised and entered into the correct field.


data entry errors

Manual data entry is prone to errors. REEDR transfers data correctly and completely into your system.


Speed up processes for more productivity

Processes often rely on manual steps. With OCR automation, you can speed up processes and increase your team's productivity.


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Manually transferring all the information from an invoice into the CRM for your invoicing process can take a lot of time and energy.

REEDR makes it much easier! Upload your invoices and REEDR will detect the most important information such as amount, date, customer name and invoice numbers. This data is transferred directly to Salesforce without you having to enter it manually.

This not only saves time, but also minimises errors. So you can focus on other tasks and make your invoicing process more efficient.

Receipts & Vouchers

REEDR makes it easy to automatically read receipts and documents. Simply load the documents into your Salesforce system and REEDR does the rest.

The app extracts relevant data such as the amount, date and issuer of the receipt and enters the information directly into your CRM. You can then process this information automatically.


Scan your bank statements in seconds with REEDR.
For example, you can automatically match invoices in your CRM system with transactions on your bank statement.

Delivery Notes

Simply upload your many delivery notes and consignment notes to Salesforce and REEDR will automatically extract information such as item numbers and quantities.

The information is then automatically transferred to your warehouse management system to update your stock. If there are any discrepancies between delivery and order, a notification is automatically generated to ensure quality control.

Vehicle Registrations

Streamline fleet management and keep track of all your vehicles and related documents.

Let REEDR extract all the relevant information from vehicle registration certificates, penalty notices, repair or rental invoices, store it in Salesforce and automatically schedule the next service appointments and rentals.

Reduce manual effort, minimise errors and optimise your overall fleet management.


Do you need to check ID cards on a large scale to authenticate people for further steps? Then REEDR will save you a lot of time and effort!

Upload identity documents such as ID cards to Salesforce and REEDR will transfer the data for you, leaving you more time for other tasks.


Use REEDR in your HR department. Upload applications and CVs to Salesforce and let REEDR scan the documents. Relevant information is then contextualised using AI and sent to your CRM.

This can save you a huge amount of manual effort and time when processing applications. Which will not only make your HR department happy, but also your candidates.


Let REEDR extract key information from payroll and transfer relevant metrics, such as gross and net amounts, deductions or allowances, directly into Salesforce fields for further processing.

Legal documents

REEDR also helps you to automate the processing of documents such as judgments, notices of hearing, expert opinions or letters of reimbursement from legal expenses insurers.

Secure data such as case number, competent court, filing date, deadlines, etc. directly in Salesforce. For example, you can use deadline data transfer to create a notification when a deadline is approaching.


Your use case is not included?

Then train your own AI model with your individual criteria and document types.

Contact us directly and save a lot of time and effort in the future by using REEDR to process your documents.

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All features. Only one price.

We like it transparent. That's why every AI model is available for a fixed price.

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per AI model. Can be cancelled monthly.

Portrait Sebastian Paasch | Managing Director | AMX Germany

Top tool for document processing and OCR

We are super happy with REEDR and use it for instance for all incoming invoices. Invoices are fetched automatically from emails and then processed and we pay them right from within Salesforce via the millio banking connection. Definitely worth the money.

– Sebastian Paasch | Managing Director | AMX Germany –