New Partnership: REEDR x


We're thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to redefine document automation and data capture for Salesforce users—welcome to the REEDR x partnership. Two trailblazers in their respective domains, this alliance merges REEDR's Salesforce expertise with's cutting-edge AI document automation platform. Together, we're setting a new industry standard.


The Synergy

The REEDR x collaboration signifies a monumental step forward in automation capabilities. REEDR's expertise in Salesforce data capture aligns flawlessly with's advanced AI-powered document automation. This alliance goes beyond streamlining your work processes; it's a navigator guiding businesses across various industries through the turbulent seas of digital transformation.

Direct Benefits for Users

Wondering what's in it for you? Here are the unmissable benefits:

  • Unmatched Efficiency: Automate your data capture and document processing faster than ever.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Drastically reduce error rates with intelligent, AI-driven processes.
  • Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate data from different types of documents right into your Salesforce CRM.

Industry Impact

The alliance between REEDR and is more than just a partnership; it's a game-changer for industries looking to leverage the full potential of technology. At the core of this synergy are OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI automation, tools that are revolutionizing the way businesses handle voluminous and complex data. OCR transforms the physical and digital world of text into machine-readable data, while AI automation brings in the muscle to sort, analyze, and derive meaningful insights from this data. The universal applicability of these technologies means that every industry, whether it’s finance, logistics, or key departments like HR and legal, can unlock unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. By making digital transformation not just a possibility but a streamlined experience, this partnership aims to redefine the status quo across various sectors.


Let's talk about our incredible partner, - The AI Document Automation Platform, a pioneer in the field of intelligent document processing (IDP) based in Germany, harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize document automation.'s platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge OCR, advanced pre-processing, intelligent classification, and leading extraction features to gain valuable insights from any type of document and is industry-agnostic. enables companies to achieve highly accurate, efficient, trainable, and customizable data extraction, transforming unstructured data into actionable information. It is the cornerstone of innovation, increases productivity, reduces error rates, and improves decision-making. With its commitment to outstanding performance and focus on customer-oriented solutions, the company is redefining the future of document processing

For more about what they do, visit their

Introducing REEDR

Launched in 2023 and backed by cloudworx GmbH, REEDR is revolutionizing the way companies interact with their Salesforce CRM systems. This isn't just about digitizing documents; it's about creating an intelligent, fully automated workflow right within Salesforce. Say goodbye to the tedious, time-consuming manual data transfers; REEDR automatically recognizes and populates the relevant fields in your CRM.

Traditional manual data entry is not just time-consuming, it's also prone to errors. REEDR alleviates these issues by ensuring that data is correctly and completely transferred into your system, reducing the scope for human error. In a world where processes often get bottlenecked due to manual steps, REEDR introduces OCR automation to speed up your workflow, enhancing team productivity as a result.

For more info, hop over to our website

Further details on cloudworx can be found at

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