New Partnership: REEDR x Klippa


We are pleased to announce our strategic collaboration with Klippa, a leader in the field of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). This partnership aims to integrate Klippa’s document processing technology with REEDR's Salesforce data capture capabilities, creating a synergistic platform that promises to significantly advance document and data management.


The Power of Synergy: Why REEDR and Klippa are More Effective Together

Our collaboration with Klippa aims to create a holistic solution by merging REEDR's Salesforce CRM expertise with Klippa's leading-edge document processing capabilities. What we are creating here is not just another digital tool but a comprehensive ecosystem for businesses to efficiently manage and integrate their documentation into Salesforce.

This partnership is not about piling feature upon feature. It's about crafting a seamless, intelligent experience for businesses in dire need of optimized document processing. REEDR's strength in Salesforce integration combined with Klippa’s robust document processing means users can now expect a more streamlined workflow. From data capture to document automation, we aim to eliminate the silos that often plague complex business processes.

About Klippa: Intelligent Document Processing at its Finest

Based in the Netherlands, Klippa specializes in Intelligent Document Processing, particularly focusing on invoice processing, expense management, and data extraction. Utilizing advanced technologies like Optical Character Recognition and Machine Learning, Klippa transforms unstructured data, such as scans and paper documents, into structured and computer-readable formats like CSV, JSON, XLSX and XML. Klippa’s technology easily integrates with existing systems and serves businesses in optimizing their workflow in many industries, such as finance, accounting, retail, and logistics.

For more on Klippa, please visit their website.

About REEDR: Taking Salesforce to New Heights

Launched in 2023 and fortified by cloudworx GmbH, REEDR is making waves in the Salesforce CRM landscape. Specializing in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) automation, REEDR eradicates manual data entry, seamlessly populating relevant fields within your CRM system. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, the platform assures an accurate and efficient data capture process, reducing bottlenecks and errors typically caused by manual input. 

REEDR is more than just a tool for digitizing documents; it's an intelligent, fully integrated system designed to supercharge Salesforce CRM functionalities. Whether it's financial reports, legal agreements, or vehicle-related documents, REEDR provides an automated workflow that enhances operational speed and team productivity, thus offering businesses a strategic edge in their respective industries.

For more on REEDR, visit our website.

More details on cloudworx are available at

This partnership with Klippa marks a significant step in our mission to automate and simplify data management processes across industries. We are enthusiastic about the future and look forward to your continued support.

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